Squire is a booking and scheduling platform for barbershops that came to Fuzz for a redesign of their current experiences. My role in this project was Lead UI Designer, collaborating closely with the UX and Strategy teams as well as managing UI support.

The challenge: Deliver research-driven and user-centric designs to improve the experience of Squire’s consumer and barber apps on iOS.

Branding Exploration

A large part of this project was figuring out how Squire’s young and growing brand should influence their products. For our exploration the UI team cast a wide net around the experience principles of efficiency, elevating barbershop style, and catering to barber needs.

We based our concepting around the customer core flow the UX team uncovered.

We pushed to exhaust all visual opportunities in the early concept rounds.

Sleek, Easy, Conversational

Our first concept was influenced by simple interaction patterns and tools of barber expression.

Core flow mockup

Utilitarian, Savvy, Direct

Our second concept was focused on impact and immediacy.

Core flow mockup

Editorial, Stylish, Minimal

Our third concept was focused on amplifing the look and feel of street fashion, and integrating user content for personalization.

Core flow mockup

The Winner

Concept one got the best response from the client and the users we tested. Squire was interested in what would happen if we incorporated the savvy-ness of concept two as we moved forward. For the team this looked like refining some of the interactions to be closely aligned with familiar iOS patterns.

The Deliverables

Since implementation was not part of this engagement for Fuzz, the UX team delivered wireframe blueprints for the entirety of Squire’s customer and barber experiences. The UI team brought the core flows into high fidelity prototypes and provided a foundational design system to guide the Squire design team to refine the other flows.

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